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How To Care For Your Candle

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

So you've bought your first candle? You've spent your hard earned cash on it, and it's making your home look amazing, so here are some ways to keep it burning bright for long to come.

"Our soy wax candles burn clearer and better than paraffin wax, so you'd be wrong not to take proper care of them!" - Emily, founder.

  1. Keep your candle on for 3-4 hours upon first burn to allow for an even melt pool. This will stop the wax from tunnelling and leaving residue around the edge of the glass.

  2. Trim your wick. A short wick means a short flame, equalling less soot and no mushrooming of the wick.

  3. Keep the candle clean. Remove dust, fluff, bits of the wick etc before lighting or it will impact the scent of your candle!

  4. When lit, keep away from windy places to keep your scent throw as strong as ever.

  5. Store in a cool place, and away from direct sunlight, or one thing will happen - unwanted melting!

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