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We've spent years training, testing and trialling, so that we can give our customers the best of the best. And since we began selling our products back in early 2022, we have built a reputation for creating home fragrance products of the finest quality. 

The wax blend we use is completely sustainable, natural and renewable, meaning we are able to melt, pour and burn our products knowing that we're being kind to the environment.


And that goes for you too! Each time you light a candle or burn a wax melt, you can be safe in the knowledge you're not polluting the air when burning; there's no harm done to our planet, or to your home (yes, mean nasty black soot marks). 

All our products provide hours of long lasting fragrance, meaning you can enjoy strong scents and shimmering melt pools long after first use. 

We pride ourselves on offering aesthetically pleasing products which will sit perfectly within any home. We use the highest quality frosted glass containers, natural wooden lids, and our wax melt clamshells are made from recycled plastics.

Although we now ship to customers up and down the country, each item we sell is still delicately made by hand, with love, in our Manchester studio. 


Each item that arrives at your home is sourced, crafted and packaged with dedication, love and care.

Golden_Hours x_cocosign (1).png

We received a gift set for a moving in present. The candles and wax melts both smell absolutely incredible!     


I was so pleased when this delivery arrived! I ordered three 1 wick candles, They are beautiful & smell divine!


I frequently order wax melts from golden hours and my favourite scent has to be the cranberry and orange.


I always put these melts on in my salon when we open - within 10 minutes the smell is already strong!


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